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The Treasure Island Sailing Center (TISC) is now on the cutting edge of experiential STEM education, hosting 4th grade classes for developmentally appropriate lessons where students get to sail and learn about the bay. Through our Set Sail Learn program, TISC is breaking new ground for the sport of sailing in San Francisco by introducing  roughly 3,000 youth to the wind and waves of San Francisco Bay every year.  Set Sail Learn is made possible by a significant grant from the St. Francis Sailing Foundation.


The St. Francis Sailing Foundation (StFSF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the general mission to raise and grant money to deserving sailors and organizations that promote sailing, racing competition and maritime education. StFSF supports organizations that put thousands of underserved youth and disabled sailors on the water in enrichment programs that teach sailing, life lessons, and science utilizing sailing. Set Sail Learn is the largest program ever sponsored by StFSF. StFSF also promotes competitive sailing and US Olympic Sailing Team development, with support of serious Olympic athletes, beginning Olympic hopefuls, and junior sailors.

“Set Sail Learn is an innovative initiative engaging fourth graders to learn about all things related to the San Francisco Bay as well as the basic principles of sailing,” said Carolyn Patrick, President of the St. Francis Sailing Foundation. “This is an investment in the future of our city’s children. Many of the city’s school children are being exposed to the Bay for the first time, opening doors to learning in a stimulating, natural and fun environment. St. Francis Sailing Foundation is proud to partner with Treasure Island Sailing Center to make this program possible,”

Other sponsors for 2015-16 are the TK Foundation, The Mellam Foundation and Colocation America Foundation.

With a range of dynamic hands-on lessons on and off the water, TISC instills valuable 21st century skills in an inquiry-based learning environment designed to foster an appreciation for our invaluable shared natural resource - the Bay. The Set Sail Learn program offers the flexibility to choose from three STEM based programs: Ecology of the Bay, Maritime History, and Power of the Wind. Each Set Sail Learn program runs as a one day, four hour long program.


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Monday – Thursday from 9:00am – 1:00pm or 10:00am – 2:00pm





San Francisco Public Schools $0
San Francisco Private and Parochial Schools $750 *
Bay Area Public Schools (scholarships available) $750
Bay Area Private and Parochial Schools $750 *


*Partial and full scholarships are available based on school's "Free and Reduced Meal Plan" percentages. Please contact us to see if your school qualifies for a Set Sail Learn Scholarship.


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How to Register


To schedule your class for Set Sail Learn, please complete and submit the Set Sail Learn 2016 Spring Registration Form via Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Fax: (415) 421-2208.





Transportation Considerations 

We realize that getting to Treasure Island may be a consideration as you choose to attend our program.TISC has a limited number of transportation scholarships available based on need, location and access to public transportation. We hope that transportation will not deter you in providing your students this wonderful experience. If you would like your school to be considered for a transportation scholarship, please click Transportation Scholarship Request Form.






Ecology of the Bay

This curriculum focuses on the rich biodiversity of San Francisco Bay’s ecosystem. Amongst the wide array of aquatic life in the Bay, the Dungeness Crab is an essential part of the marine food web. By studying the Dungeness Crab, students will gain an understanding of the complex connections that define an Ecosystem, Adaptation and Habitats.


Maritime History

There is no better way to learn about Maritime History than by making a compass and locating historical San Francisco Landmarks from the water. This curriculum takes students directly to the heart of the history of the Bay, making the local past tangible. Students will come away from this class able to use a compass and identify historical figures and landmarks in San Francisco from a unique perspective.


Power of the Wind

San Francisco Bay is home to some of the most powerful renewable energy sources: solar, wind and ocean energy. Sailing is unique in its ability to utilize all three of these energy sources. Through sailing, students will gain hands-on experience with renewable energy, learning how to harness renewable sources in a unique way.

9:00am – 1:00pm or 10:00am – 2:00pm