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The Treasure Island Sailing Center (TISC)'s Junior Leadership Program is designed for 15 to 17 year old sailors who are looking to build their leadership skills while also continuing to develop their sailing knowledge and skills. This program is not intended for novice sailors. Students in our Junior Leadership Program will develop their leadership, communication, and teamwork skills as they take on responsibility as Junior Instructors and Instructors in Training at TISC. Sailors who go through TISC’s Junior Leadership Program will be ready to complete their Level 1 US Sailing Certification which is required to become a TISC instructor. TISC’s Junior Leadership Program runs in conjunction with the Junior Sailing Summer Program.


Junior Instructors

Students in their first year of the Junior Leadership Program will be Junior Instructors. Typically Junior Instructors are 15-16 years old and are confident and proficient dinghy skippers.


In the mornings, Junior Instructors will be assigned to a Junior Sailing class where they will assist instructors and act as a leader for students on and off the water. In the afternoons Junior Instructors will participate in our Teen Sailing, Progressive Level 4 program where they will continue to develop their own sailing skills.


Instructors in Training

Students in their second year of the Junior Leadership Program will be Instructors in Training. Typically Instructors in Training are 16-17 years old and are confident and proficient dinghy skippers with some keelboat experience. Please note that in exceptional cases, students may be eligible to skip the first year Junior Instructor program and move immediately into the Instructor in Training program.


In the mornings, Instructors in Training will take on more responsibility in leading the Junior Sailing class which they are assigned to, including on the water coaching and delivering chalk talks on land. In the afternoons, Instructors in Training will either continue working with their Junior Program class or will take on a leadership role supervising at Adventure Camp.


Junior Leadership Applications

To apply for a position within our Junior Leadership program sailors must submit the following for review by the TISC Program Director and Senior Instructor staff.

  • Cover letter outlining why they would like to be part of the Junior Leadership Program at TISC
  • Resume which highlights sailing experience, academics, and any prior leadership experience
  • Letter of Reference from an adult in the student’s life who can attest to why they would be an asset to the Junior Leadership program at TISC, as well as how they might benefit from participating in the Junior Leadership program.
  • Program Registration (Form 1) noting which weeks the applicant would be applying for
  • Scholarship Request (Form 5)
  • Medical & Liability (Form A)

All Junior Leadership application packets must be received by May 15th for consideration. Applicants may be invited to TISC for a review of their sailing skills if necessary. Applicants will be notified regarding their application via email no later than June 1st.