Registration Instruction
TISC has redesigned the registration process, making it easier to sign up for the class you want to take with less paperwork. Follow these instructions and call the office if you have any questions.
You will need 6 pieces of information about a program in order to register: Program Type, Class Name, Skill Level, Week/Session ID, Dates and Cost.
  • Program Type, choose from “Adult,” “Adaptive,” Water Sports,” or “Youth.” 
  • Class Name, give the title of the class found above the description, such as “Harbor Seals,” “Progression Program,” or “Explore Sailing” under Youth Year Round programming or “Keelboat 1,” “Paddleboarding,” or “Visually Impaired Sailing” under Adult, Water Sports or Adaptive programming.
  • Skill Level can be tricky to self-assess for non-sailors, so if in doubt please call the office for assistance. As a rule of thumb, choose Level 1 if you have little to no experience. Youth sailors will often repeat a Level 1 course multiple times before progressing; adult sailors may be able to progress beyond the beginner level more quickly. Level 2 sailors can usually go “out and back” by themselves but are still working on proper technique and often require assistance. Level 3 sailors generally are fully capable of most maneuvers required in most conditions, know their strengths, weaknesses and limits, and usually do not require assistance. Level 4 classes at TISC all contain some component of racing, so participants in these classes should have the basics down. Certain aspects of sailboat racing require sailing in close quarters to other boats,
  • Cost of each class is given at the end of the description for each class.
  • 2015 Class Dates and Week or Session ID HERE are subject to change without notice.  You can also visit or call the office for a list of upcoming class dates.  Please check back frequently for updates.  If your class has a session or week number associated with it (like in Summer Camp classes), put that down here, as well.  
Registrations must be completed and received at least 2 weeks in advance of the start of class to guarantee a space in the class.  A completed registration consists of a registration form, a medical & liability release and payment in full and if applicable  a scholarship form.  
Youth and Adult Registration Forms
Group Registration Forms
Medical and Liability Forms:
Scholarship Forms
Gift Certificate
Credit Card Authorization