Please view class descriptions. For class schedules please view the Schedule Page, Calendar, or Registration Forms. To register visit Registration Forms. All forms include class descriptions, prices, and dates. For a description of the boats and equipment used in our classes please reference the Learn To Sail page.

Please note that for our weekend classes, participants must register by the Friday beforehand and we need a minimum of 2 participants in order to hold each class. 


Saturday Bay Sails

  • Description: This afternoon sail in the San Francisco Bay is designed for people of all sailing abilities. This is a great opportunity for friends and family to get out on the water in a relaxed and fun setting. Each sail is done on our 6 person J24 keelboats with an instructor on-board
  • Skills Learned: You can be as active as choose! Trim the sails, steer the boat or sit back and relax
  • Class Time: Saturdays 1pm – 4pm (Please check the schedule)

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Class

  • Description: Come try out Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) firsthand and experience why it is the fastest growing watersport today! Stand Up Paddle Boarding is both fun and great exercise! Paddle Boarding is a core workout that you can enjoy while out on the water. Most of all, you can expect to have fun and get wet!
  • Skills Learned: Paddle technique, water safety, stance and body positioning
  • Class Time: 1 Saturday each month, 10am – 12pm (Please check the schedule)

Beginner Windsurfing Class (Ages 12 - Adult)

  • Description: Never been windsurfing? Get started in our Beginner Windsurfing Class! Windsurfing is fun, fast and exciting! This introductory class teaches the important fundamentals so you can quickly begin enjoying the sport. This class mixes classroom instruction, land based simulation and on-the-water practice
  • Skills Learned: Water safety, wind theory, correct stance, steering, sail trim, tacking and jibing
  • Class Time: Two consecutive Sundays, 10am – 12:30pm (Please check the schedule)

Intermediate Windsurfing Class (Ages 12 - Adult)

  • Description: Do you have windsurfing experience but no way to get on the water? Do you know the basics but you want to get better? Come windsurfing in our Advanced Windsurfing Class! This class teaches difficult windsurfing techniques by our skilled instructors. Learn how to use a harness, cruise around the cove, get wet and have fun!
  • Skills Learned: Improved stance, more efficient steering and sailing, jibing, using a harness and foot straps, water safety and wind theory
  • Class Time: Two consecutive Sundays, 1pm – 3:30pm (Please check the schedule)

 Clipper Cove Kayak Tour

  • Description: Hop on a two-person kayak and paddle away! TISC’s sit-on-top kayaks are fun and easy to maneuver. Once you get the basics down, the fun really begins: Kayak to the beach, race against your fellow kayakers, get wet, and have a blast! 
  • Skills Learned: Basic paddle technique, water safety, body positioning and maneuvering
  • Class Time: 1 Saturday each month, 10am – 12pm (Please check the schedule)

 Private Lessons  

  • Description: Watersport private lessons are an affordable option for those with nonflexible schedules. Private classes are available to everyone. Participants choose which activity they would like to participate in and we can accommodate groups 
  • Boats: J24s, Windsurfers, Paddle Boards, Kayaks
  • Skills Learned: Each lesson is individually tailored to the needs of the participant by our qualified instructors
  • Class Time: Flexible. We are able to accommodate most schedules, subject to the availability of the equipment and instructors. There is a minimum of 2 hours and the average private lesson is 3 hours
For further information please review our FAQ section or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  For a complete schedule of classes please view our calendar or class schedule section of the website. To register download forms from the Registration Forms section of the website.