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For safety reasons, the Treasure Island Sailing Center's (TISC) facility may only be used by tenants, their guests, and people participating in one of the TISC’s programs or regattas. All tenants, participants, and their guests who will be sailing at the facility, must have a completed medical & liability form on file. Visitors need to check in prior to using the facility. A Visitor Request Form is to be completed as well as a TISC Medical and Liability Form should the visitor want to use the facilities. Please visit the Forms page to complete the applicable paperwork.

All children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Everyone MUST wear a lifejacket while on docks, ramps, and the pier.



TISC has various rules and procedures for the facility to ensure the safety of our tenants, program participants, and visitors. Everyone at the facility must abide by these rules or be subject to termination of facility use privileges. Please contact the office to report persons not following the rules or suspicious behavior. We appreciate your cooperation in creating a safe and secure environment at TISC. 

1.  We Need Your Help
The Treasure Island Sailing Center is supported by the City of San Francisco as a Community Sailing Center, to increase the accessibility to the sport of sailing.  We are responsible for running programs open to everyone in the community, and are making progress every day to ensure TISC grows into a first rate community sailing center with increased yard space, dock space, amenities, classrooms, and restroom facilities.  There is no membership requirement to be a renter or participant here at TISC.  Support by sailors and renters like you will enable TISC to achieve our goals.  You may be aware that TISC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  What you may not be aware of is that many of our grants are based on an operation heavily supported by volunteers; without your support as a volunteer some of our funding could be restricted or even cut off.  That is why it is so important that you not only observe the following rules, but also why Renters are expected to volunteer regularly to support our programs, special events, and facility work days.  If you cannot make the time to volunteer at TISC, we ask you to make a donation so that some jobs may be outsourced.  Many people, renters and non-renters alike, give time and money regularly to ensure that facility maintenance, and the mere existence of TISC continues.  We do this because TISC is a great place to sail and race, and a unique place to share and grow the sport of sailing in our community.  We appreciate your support for the many TISC programs.
2.     Use of Space
Space is only for storage of boats owned and used by renter at least 12 times per year.  Each space shall be occupied only by the assigned boat and, if applicable, the boat’s own trailer or dolly.  Both boat and trailer shall be currently licensed.  A tenant sticker must be affixed to the upper starboard corner of the boat’s stern and the name of renter must be written on the tongue of the trailer and or dolly.  This marking must be made in permanent marker or paint and reapplied as needed to keep it highly visible.  Unregistered or unmarked boats, or boats or boat not in its assigned space, are subject to impound, fees and removal as follows:
  • A boat not subject to a signed Rental Agreement will be immediately impounded.  A fee of $150 will be required for release of the boat.  If the boat remains unclaimed more than 30 days, TISC may have it removed, destroyed, or sold with the proceeds to be given to TISC.
  • Any renter storing a boat or trailer without markings will receive a verbal or written notice of non-compliance.  If non‑compliance continues, 30 days thereafter renter will be assessed a fee of $50 and TISC will have the right to terminate the Rental Agreement.
3.     Required Insurance
All tenants are required to have Liability Coverage in the amount of at least $300,000.
4.     Business or Trade Use
Assigned spaces shall not be used for the conduct of a business or trade.
5.     Alterations and Improvements
A renter may not make alterations or improvements to an assigned space without written (or email) approval of the TISC Operations Director.
6.     Storage of Materials (e.g., paints and solvents)
No chemicals or flammable liquids shall be stored at the TISC facility.  (TISC has been fined for this in the past.)  TISC reserves the right to dispose (without notice) of anything in a space other than a boat, boat parts and a trailer.  Renter will be charged for disposal costs.
7.     Right to Inspect
TISC has the right at all times to inspect assigned spaces and boats.  Renters shall facilitate such inspection.
8.     Main Gate
The combination to the main gate will change from time to time.  Renters will be notified of the change of the combination via e-mail.  Renters shall not divulge the combination to non-occupants other than their crew.  For the safety of all equipment stored at TISC, please keep the combination to yourself and your crew members.  Each Occupant is responsible for the security of the facility.   Due to theft problems, please relock the gate every  time after you use it.
9.     Dock Office Use
The dock office is designated for the use of TISC classes and programs.  When no TISC classes or programs are using the dock office, TISC renters may use it as shelter or a meeting area only after written approval from the Operations Director.  Food is prohibited in the dock office! (It attracts animals)  After use, occupants must remove all trash, stack chairs, vacuum, close and lock all windows, turn off all lights, remove all personal gear, and close and lock the door.  If problems arise due to renter use, the dock office will be restricted to program use only.
10.   Restricted Areas
Renters and their guests shall not enter the Quonset hut, the workshop container, the gear container, the electrical room, the classroom, the TISC office and the dock office closet.  no storage of any kind is permitted in the electrical room!
11.   TISC Boats and Equipment
TISC boats (motor and sail) and equipment are for TISC programs and special events unless written permission from the TISC Operations Director is received in advance for other use.  Only persons trained and checked out by the TISC Operations Director are authorized to operate TISC boats in an emergency.
12.   Hoists
Hoists must be operated under the supervision of someone that has signed a Rental Agreement.  When not in use, the hoists should be secured parallel to the edge of the pier.  The hoist hook should be attached to the restraining line at the edge of the pier and the slack taken up; this prevents the hoist booms from swinging freely when the wind comes up.  Hoist Key Cards activate the hoist by swiping over the black sensor on the hoist.  A light will turn from red to green to indicate the hoist is powered.  The hoist will remain powered while hand control is in use and for five minutes after last button is pressed.  If there is not a person launching or hauling right behind you, secure the hoist and hang up the hand control.  Always close the fence after launching your boat.  Read the signs on the hoisters limits!
13.   Mooring to the TISC Dock and Anchoring
Boats may not be moored to the TISC dock any longer than is necessary to rig/de-rig and load gear.  This minimizes the wear and tear on the docks and frees them for their only intended use of launching and hauling.  Overnight mooring is prohibited!
14.   Movable Fencing
The rolling fence along the edge of the pier is mandated by the city, and must be closed whenever the hoists are not in use.  As with securing the hoists, you must close the fence if no one is launching or hauling right behind you.  After 5PM, lock the fence.
15.   Mule
Our yard is rough and the mule is expensive and sensitive.  It is important that the mule is ALWAYS used at a nice slow pace (about 1/4 of the throttle lever).  If the mule sounds like it is going to shake itself to pieces, you need to slow down.  Please return the mule to its house when you are finished, plug in the power cord, turn the power key off, and place the key in the key box on the shed.  The mule is a luxury not required by the Rental Agreement and may not always be available.  All boats must be able to be moved by hand (no flat tires).  If the boat is heavy, a front wheel must be on the trailer so that the boat can be pushed.
16.   Water Hoses
When you are done using the hoses, turn the water off and coil the hose next to its faucet.
17.   Trash
Non-recyclable trash should be placed in the black trash containers.  Recyclable materials (paper, plastic bottles, etc.) should be placed in the light blue containers.  No trash belongs anywhere else.  Litter is a constant problem; PLEASE pick up any trash that you see - even if it isn't yours.
18.   Securing Your Boat
All boats should be stored in a seamanlike manner when not in use.  Do not secure a boat or trailer or anything else to the fence.  Trailers and dollies must have all tires inflated, working, and wheel chocks must be used to avoid rolling.   All dinghies must be tied to their trailers or dollies.  Covers must be strapped down so they stay on in a storm.  Dinghy masts must be down and secured to the dinghy during the stormy season (from November 1st through March 1st).  Doing this will save your boat from damage and prevent damage to other boats.  (TISC is not responsible for damage to your boat or trailer.)
19.   Safety
A fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and three life jackets are available on the north wall in the coach room.  If any of these items are used, please fill out the log available on the same table.  Lifejackets should be returned after use to the location from whence they came.  Everyone is required to wear life jackets while on the docks, using the hoists or ramps, or on the water.  We have no way of knowing who can swim, and therefore would like everyone to help enforce these rules.  If you see an adult on the docks without a life jacket please kindly ask them to leave the docks and ramp area until they are wearing a fitted and zipped life jacket.  All children must wear life jackets while on the wooden pier, on the docks, on the ramp, or on the water.  Children under 16 years of age are not allowed on the ladders by the hoist as the height can be dangerous at low tide.  All children under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult while on tisc premises.  If you see a child at TISC without adult supervision, kindly remind them of this rule (for their safety) and ask them to wait at the gate for their instructor or responsible adult.  Again, please help us enforce these rules for the safety of all.  The Coast Guard can be called on channel 16 and is located on the south side of the Bay Bridge on the east side of the island.
20.   No Cars Inside
No cars are permitted inside the fence, even if towing a trailer.
21.   Sign in During Classes
When notice is posted on the front or back gate, all renters and visitors sign in at the office. 
22.   Ramp
The ramp may be raised and unusable any time.  It is usually not available from November through March.  TISC will try to give notice by email, but this is not always possible.
23.   Entrance Changes and Facility Closed
Island events may require closing the facility or require using back (West) gate.  TISC will try to give notice by email, but this is not always possible.
24.   Security
Police occasionally drive by throughout the day and evening hours, but do not provide regular security to TISC.  The police station is located at the administration building (410 Avenue of the Palms) across from the guard house at the entrance to Treasure Island.  Lock the gates to the ramp and the gangway after 5PM.  We have a theft problem.
25.   Communication
Tenant questions or concerns should be directed to the TISC Operations Director.  While on site, the TISC Operations Director will monitor occupant activity and look after the facility.  The facility must stay functional, clean, safe, and well maintained to stay within the provisions of our lease with the City.  It is the responsibility of ALL RENTERS to abide by these rules and regulations so that TISC does not lose its lease.  If you see suspicious behavior or something needs attention, notify the TISC Operations Director in person or by email.  If you do not receive a quarterly email from TISC, please notify the Operations Director.