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The Ideal Venue for Team Racing, Match Racing, Fleet Racing, High School/Collegiate Racing is in the center of the San Francisco Bay!  Besides the amazing venue that TISC provides there is another reason to plan events at TISC. Every dollar of the proceeds from your event goes directly into supporting our Youth Outreach Program and Adaptive Sailing Program! That means that by doing something you love, you support the mission of TISC in more ways than one.

Racing areas accessible at TISC

The Treasure Island Sailing Center (TISC) is a great place for racing of all skill levels. Our location, facilities and space make it the ideal place in San Francisco Bay to hold regattas for dinghies and small keel boats.

TISC has easy access to racing areas with different conditions, has docks and hoists needed to support dinghies and small keelboats, and space for lots of boats. Please consider TISC when planning your next Regional, National and International Events!

Clipper Cove: Known for flat water, little current, and great spectator viewing! This venue is ideal for beginning racing, Match Racing, Team Racing, College Racing, and High School Racing. Past events on Clipper Cove include-2000 Soling Olympic Trials, Collegiate Pacific Coast Championship, and the Team Racing Pacific Coast Championship. The 2002 High School Nationals will be held here!

Emeryville Flats: Provides a larger racing area that has current but less chop and less breeze than other parts of San Francisco Bay. This venue is ideal for large dinghy fleets like Lasers and Vanguard 15's. Recent regattas include-2000 Vanguard 15 North American Championship.

Berkeley Circle: Noted world wide by dinghy and keelboat sailors, 'the Circle' provides challenging racing conditions including strong current, strong breeze and chop. Recent regattas include-the 2000 Olympic Trials in the Star, Laser, and Europe Classes.

Who races at TISC regularly?

TISC is home to the Vanguard 15, Cal Sailing Team, 505, and Star Fleets who train and compete out of TISC regularly. For more information on the racing venue, just ask the racers who use it! (links to Sailing Resources/Local Directory (fleet pages)


Facility Usage Fee Based on attendance and impact of event
Additional Boat Launch Fees:
Youth Regatta (2-3 Days) $5/boat
Fleet/Local Regattas (2 Days or less) $10/boat
National/International Regattas (3-4 Days or less)   $20/Boat
International Events (5-6 Days) $30/boat


The usage fee covers the cost of extra cleaning fees and garbage pick up for our existing amenities. Any additional amenities needed will be at the cost of the host entity. Extra amenities can be arranged by the host entity, or can be arranged by TISC for an additional 25% of the total cost of added amenities. TISC can provide a list of vendors if needed.


Motorboat Usage Fee:

There are some small motorboats and RC Boats available for charter at TISC for $50-$200/day. These are only available for races in Clipper Cove. Ask your TISC representative for details.