"This was such a wonderful opportunity for my 33 4th graders. They truly had the time of their lives and I can guarantee you that they had never had as much fun on this trip than on any previous school field trip. I hope to take advantage of this program year after year not only for the curriculum support, but also for the unique life experience that this trip offers. Thank you so much! We had a great time."
~ SFUSD 4th Grade Teacher


"Treasure Island Sailing Center has changed the lives of our children for the better by showing them a world they would never be able to see. It is inspiring to both the students and the staff by showing the children how much of what they thought was impossible is now a finished goal."
~Paul Chilvers, Glide Program Coordinator

"Each day my son Sam comes home thrilled with what he has accomplished and I have seen remarkable growth in his self confidence. The skills, responsibility, and self assurance that he gains at the camp spread into his daily routine as he cleans up, helps other children in the neighborhood and clearly feels pride in his work. The sense of independence, mastering sailing skills and being in the heart of the beautiful Bay seem to be just what adolescents need. Sam is receiving a scholarship from you and I cannot thank you enough for giving him this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to seeing him every day to hear what happened at TISC."
~Molly Hill, mother of Sam, 13 year-old FJ sailor from Oakland

"I never realized that I could learn a new sport so quickly, especially because it seemed so hard at first."
~Lara, 13 year old visiting Turkish student

"Watching my son while having fun and doing so much learning has been a motivation for me to get into this too. It is a great activity that my son and I can do together. The Bay Area and the Treasure Island Sailing Camp is a great place to do this."
~Leonardo Prado, Father of Antonio: Age 8

"The goal is not just for kids to learn how to sail, but for kids to learn how to set goals and achieve them. In addition, the nature of sailing also teaches communication and teamwork skills that kids can use in other areas of their lives."
~Carisa Harris Adamson, Board President of Treasure Island Sailing Center

"I love coming to TISC every summer. It's just so much fun! In fact, I even told all of my friends about it and convinced them to sign up too!"
~Sam Melero, 13 year-old FJ sailor from Oakland

"I am so happy now - I sailed from the beach to the dock! I didn't think I could do it, but I sailed all the way!"
~Emily Moon, 11 year-old student from San Francisco, Windsurfing Class

"I did it! I windsurfed from the beach to the dock without falling over! It was awesome!"
~Rachel Wu, 11 year old student from Belvedere, Windsurfing Class

"Benji and Rachel came a few weeks ago this summer with their cousins to do a week. They had so much fun in that first week that they kept asking to do another. So, we signed them up for an additional week and they loved it just as much as the first."
~Benji Wu's Father

"Girls Incorporated of Alameda County greatly appreciated the opportunity that TISC provided for our girls. Without the scholarships they provide, we would not have been able to take our participants on a positive risk-taking field trip, which is a key part of our summer program and an experience the girls would not be able to have otherwise. Sailing helped our girls overcome fears, gain confidence, and have fun bonding with each other. Thank you for helping us make our teens Strong, Smart, and Bold!"
~Jenny Noyce, Eureka Internship Coordinator, Girls Incorporated of Alameda County

"I overcame my fear of walking over bridges and also being on a small boat over water. I'm proud, because it was rocking back and forth but I still did it."
~Louisa, Girls Inc. participant

"I am most proud of myself today because I was brave enough to get on the boat."
~Shawnte, Girls Inc. participant

"I never thought I would ever go sailing on the San Francisco Bay! It was really fun and I will always remember how I got splashed a lot of times."
~ Lisset, Girls Inc. participant